REVIEW: Charlotte Tilbury Magic Night Cream

Instant beauty sleep in a jar? Yes, please.

As a lover of night cream and all things moisture, I was of course enthralled that make up artist Charlotte Tilbury aka Rose Gold art deco goddess had produced her own night cream version of her sell-out magic cream.

At £100 a pop, I didn’t buy the jar first, obviously. However one of the good things about Charlotte Tilbury is the service and the fact that if you want, they’ll send you samples free of charge. Noooo, not a mini jar but a little packet that has a finger-full of cream.

My first thought about the cream when I squeezed it out of the (rather beautiful) rose gold packet was at how sticky the texture was. Fine, I thought – I like moisture and this feels like it. I was also pretty impressed that just a teeny tiny amount turned out to spread the entirety of my face, meaning that one sample turned out to be about 4 samples’ worth, meaning that I could give a proper review without breaking the bank balance.

The first night I put it on, I smothered it all over my face about an hour before I actually went to sleep, as I thought I had better let it sink in first so that I don’t waste such a small amount on my pillow. An hour or so passed and I decided to go to bed, however I realised that my face was still rather wet and sticky. How moisturising! I thought as I decided to go to sleep, carefully placing my face on as little pillow as I could.

I then woke up the next morning, ready to feel refreshed and purely vitalised, as this magic cream claimed to do so well! Hey? My face still felt the same as it did before I fell asleep. No, not dehydrated or dry, still wet as if I had just put the cream on… This can’t be right I thought, as I looked in the mirror resembling someone who had perhaps been in a steam room for an hour. I tried to rub the cream in again, thinking that perhaps I just slapped it on without even thinking. But no, it was still sticky and really was not absorbing into my skin well at all – despite actually being on it for over 8 hours.

However, this is not a completely scathing review and no this hasn’t trampled all over my love of Mrs (Miss?) Charlotte Tilbury. I must say, apart from the obvious problem of my face being sticky, my skin really did look great. It felt tighter, plumper and smoother all at the same time. I’ve been a bit ill and under stress recently and so my skin has really suffered a horrific dullness to it and has been the last thing to get back on track, but this cream has really made a difference in just one night.

I think I will be using the rest of my sample however, until I have money to burn I probably won’t be purchasing the whole pot. It is a good cream, my skin felt really lovely after I wiped the residue off and that was for one night, so who knows what could happen after a full pot! I have normal-ish skin (slightly on the dryer side) so maybe someone with very dry skin may benefit from this a lot more, but for now I think I will be sticking to my Soap and Glory Beauty Sleep Accelerator (and be £87 richer!).

What did anyone else make of this if you’ve tried it, and what’s your favourite night cream?


13 thoughts on “REVIEW: Charlotte Tilbury Magic Night Cream

      1. From what I’ve read so far, I think a small amount goes a really long way and so you don’t have to have a sticky face all night long. But I do have dry skin so it might work for me, will have to give it a try! xxx Emily


  1. I have just used this night cream for the first time and agree with everything you say so far..Very sticky and still sat on my face this morning, can’t say that my skin feels particularly moisturised but definitely firmer..I was actually silly enough to fork out the £100 on this product so kind of feel that i need to stick with it but not sure that i want to wake up with very sticky skin every morning..Unless some miracle happens over the next week or so i am pretty sure that this cream will be retired to a draw and i would have learnt a very expensive lesson!!


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