REVIEW: Garnier Moisture Bomb Night Cream

So after my non-success with the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Night Cream, I went in search for another innovative night use product, and was intrigued when I saw this new one from Garnier in Superdrug last week.

At £7.99, it already sounds a lot better than £100! The name ‘moisture bomb’ also sounded exactly like what my skin needs in these cold (but milder than usual in the UK) winter months.

The packaging is alright, I suppose, a bit of a garish blue round pot which reminds me of spot cream and doesn’t look amazingly chic on my bedside table. But hey, it’s not all about the packaging as we all know!

The consistency was strange, as it felt more watery rather than a thick moisture pump like most night creams. Then I read the description, and it does say that it is 15% serum and also gel-based, so that would make some sense. It also smells much more like a strong serum – quite clinical and clean.

I put it on about half an hour before I actually got into bed, to let it sink in before I put my head on the pillow. I was quite surprised that after about 10 minutes I touched my cheek, and the product had completely been absorbed already! Perhaps my skin was more dehydrated than I thought, as it seemed to just completely lap this cream up.

I then put some more on and the exact same thing happened, which I found very odd for a night cream and the complete opposite of Ms Charlotte Tilbury’s version. But, I thought, hey ho – let’s see what my skin is like in the morning!

When I woke up in the morning, I must say my face did feel quite refreshed and lightly moisturised. I wouldn’t say it has the same effect as most night creams, and my face definitely didn’t feel plumper or recharged. I also looked in the mirror and my face looked exactly the same. In fact, looking back at it, this night cream worked in exactly the same way as a serum, rather than a luxurious moisturiser.

My skin did feel very fresh, which I really liked. Definitely a great product for oily skin, as it gives you a really fresh effect without drowning your skin in product. However, for very dry skin, I certainly would not use this as a night cream!


After giving this another go as a serum rather than a cream, I have found it to be bloody brilliant. Together with a normal night cream (I have been using Korres Wild Rose Night Facial), my skin is looking really good and much more hydrated than with just a night cream on it’s own.

I think this effect is although fantastic, a real shame as I think maybe this has been marketed wrong as a cream, when actually although it does look like it, it’s definitely more of a serum. I honestly think as a serum it is absolutely wonderful and one of the best night serums I have ever used (and for £7.99 – absolute bargain!)

So yes, I would 100% recommend this product as an addition to your night routine, to add some added moisture and love into your skin, to give some more oomf to your night time regime.

If you were looking at the day cream version of this product, I’ve also done a review which you can read here.

I’ve also done a review of their latest product, the Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask, which you can read here.

Let me know what you think or any other recommendations for what night cream you like to use, or want to see reviewed.


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