REVIEW: Maybelline’s ‘The Falsies Push Up Drama’ Mascara

I cannot tell you how sadly excited I was when I saw this hit the shelves in my local Boots shop a few weeks ago. As a repeat buyer of Maybelline’s False Lash Effect and having completely straight eyelashes, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I thought maybe I had found something even better! 

The packaging isn’t bad, although a bit tacky and cheap looking but hey, this is Maybelline and not Givenchy. Plus I think the red and the pink is quite fashionable and flirty at the moment, so I will let my preconceptions slide.

The brush head is similar to that of the False Lash Effect in that it is plastic and has thin, separated, even bristles. I was pleased about this as although most people prefer the fluffy brushes for their mascara, I am not one of them! It didn’t smell of anything either, the formula looked smooth and non-clumpy and no signs of icky stickiness.

So I curled my eyelashes with my beloved Shu Uemura eyelash curlers (a new pair at that, I thought I had left mine on the Tube but they were actually in my bag all along… whoops) and decided to apply on one set of my eyelashes.

The texture was nice, it went on smoothly and then… WHAT?! Within literally about 5-10 seconds, my eyelashes began to droop back down. They wouldn’t have even done that without the mascara, trust me… this was all caused by the evil red and pink tube!

I was very confused as from a brand that had done so well with the False Lash Effect range, which pushed my otherwise very straight lashes up so far people ask me whether I am in fact wearing false eyelashes, had done so poorly with one that they actually named ‘Push Up Drama’. In fact, on the Maybelline website it says that the mascara has a ‘New creamy plumping formula delivers instant volume and holds lift in place’… WRONG.

I even thought at some point maybe it was my new eyelash curlers, I had after all bought them on Amazon as they were a little cheaper on there – so perhaps I had accidentally purchased a counterfeit item. So, I decided that I would curl my eyelashes with the same curlers and put on my usual False Lash Effect mascara, and here is the difference (apologies for the horrendous close up).

LEFT: False Lash Effect RIGHT: the Falsies Push Up Drama


 (my eyelashes actually went further down after I took this photo to look like I’d never curled them in the first place… no hold whatsoever)

Ok, so it’s not a BAD mascara by all means, as you can see the effect is still quite nice and I can imagine that it would be a very suitable everyday mascara for someone who has naturally long and flicky-up lashes. However, I am very unconvinced by what they claim it to do and feel that it is a VERY far cry from its sister the False Lash Effect and in fact most of their range of mascaras which I usually fall in love with.

Anyway, let me know if you had the same feelings about this mascara or if I should give it another chance? Comments always welcome as always!





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