REVIEW: Olaplex No. 3


A colleague of mine told me about this at work one day when I was complaining about my dry ends, claiming that she’d heard it ‘transforms bleached hair’ and was the product Kim K used when going that (awful) peroxide blonde a year or so ago. I’d also seen on of my favourite beauty bloggers Caroline Hirons harp on about this recently, so naturally I thought I must give it a try!

I tried Olaplex No. 3 as No.1 and No. 2 have to be used in salons when you are having highlights and also straight after. No. 3 is the ‘at home’ treatment which I would guess you would have in conjunction with the other two, but Caroline says you can use it stand-alone (I think?). I read a few reviews from people who said it works by itself, too, so at £18 – yes, it is expensive – but not too much to lose.

I got it from Amazon, hence why it was £18, but I think at salons it retails at about £30. The bottle is only 100ml (TINY) which was a little disappointing, but again the reviews said a little goes a long way and can last you about 2 – 3 months. This means that with once-a-week application, you get about 8-12 uses I should imagine.

So I put it on my hair when it was dry (the instructions say towel dried) and the first thing I noticed was that I had to use A LOT of the product. I do have fairly long hair, but it’s not particularly thick and I mainly wanted to use it on my ends anyway. Still, it dried up quite quickly and didn’t spread very well, so I definitely ended up using at least a fifth of it, just on the ends which wasn’t the best start.

The bottle says leave on for about 10 minutes, but all the reviews said you should leave it on for about an hour to get the best effect. My hair is still suffering from going blonde to brunette and back again so I think it really deserves and needs some serious TLC, so I left it on for about 50 minutes. By the time it was time to wash out, my hair was very dry and felt like there was nothing on there.

I washed it out afterwards, following the instructions which were to shampoo and condition as normal. I left the conditioner on for a bit longer, about 5 minutes, just to maximize the effect of the Olaplex if there was one.

This is my hair before Olaplex:

 And after:

As you can see (kind of) there’s not really much of a difference. I know it looks sleeker, but the before photo I had my hair up all day so was looking a bit rubbish anyway! My hair did feel a bit smoother afterwards, but nothing different to a normal hair mask. I actually felt like my hair was flatter and thinner.

I have heard that the best results are with No. 1 and No.2 which of course are only available with bleaching in a salon (or at home if you can spend over £100 extra / trust yourself with said products) which clearly I haven’t done. I am trying to grow my hair out so only if I decide to get highlights again would I attempt to see a difference. That said, I still have about 4/5 of the bottle left so will try again next week to see if this improves at all.

Overall, not that impressed with something that claims to be so amazing. I will use it again and report back, however at the moment I wouldn’t use this again over my usual hair mask (Toni and Guy Reconstruction, if you’re wondering!)



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