REVIEW: Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara

I have always been one of those sceptics who think ‘oh, it’s such a marketing ploy to make a bottom lash mascara, why do you only have to use your normal mascara on your top lashes’ in the same way that I am sceptical when people try to sell ‘gluten-free water’. You get what I’m saying.

Anyway, I don’t know what came over me when I decided to purchase this on – maybe it was the ‘purchase £10 more and you get a free gift’ or maybe I was just feeling a little bit insane as I tend to do online shopping at about 1am when I can’t get to sleep. One or the other.

When it arrived I did think ‘Oh my God, why did I spent £13 on this tiny mascara when I already have loads and could have ordered something else, etc’ but obviously I had bought it so needed to try it out!

It doesn’t look like much, it really is tiny. Cute, mind, it has a sweet floral pattern on it and it’s so small it does fit in your make up bag without making any difference.

This is what it looks like compared to a normal sized mascara:


The brush is also really small and cute compared to normal, so I did think when I saw it that maybe this could be something different to a normal mascara, and not just a name.

This is the difference in brush size:


I’d hate to eat my hat but I actually loved  this mascara. I mean, seriously loved it. The small brush makes it so easy for your bottom lashes to look full and defined, and without getting clumpy or sticking together like you often get with a normal mascara.

All the really small lashes that you don’t even realise you have along your bottom lash line come out, which is a really pretty and eye-widening effect. The actual formula of the mascara is really good as well, as it lasts all day (and all night if I have forgotten to take it off) and doesn’t smudge or flake at all.

(Excuse the bad photo, could not get a focus on my eye)

It is so easy to use, has a really pretty effect and I’ll be honest I think it has transformed the way I use my mascara. I now wouldn’t even think about using a normal mascara on my bottom lashes after using this, which I would have thought was completely stupid before I tried this. Especially when paired with a nice highlighting pencil along your waterline, your eyes look so girly and fluttery, and almost like I was wearing fake eyelashes on my bottom lashes which is very weird!

I would 100% recommend trying this, especially if you are a bottom-lash mascara sceptic like me. It is such an easier, neater and more precise and pretty way of applying mascara to your bottom lashes and has such a lovely effect I can’t really imagine not using it now.

Let me know what you think if you have tried this, or any other bottom lash mascaras! (I haven’t heard of any others that are good as of yet except the Clinique one, but now I am definitely open to trying more!)


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