REVIEW: Garnier Ultimate Blends Mythic Olive ‘Weightless Nourisher’ Shampoo & Conditioner

Although Garnier Ultimate Blends don’t do a huge deal for my hair, I cannot get over the smells of all the different combos, particularly the Cocoa Butter and Coconut ‘Sleek Restorer’ shampoo. I took this with me to Sri Lanka a couple of years ago, so every time I use the shampoo I get such a wonderful sense of nostalgia of being in such a hot and beautiful country!

Anyway, I digress. I saw some new flavours in my local drugstore the other day, and when I saw he Mythic Olive range – aimed at dry and damaged hair – I was eager to find out if this was possibly a new winner.

It aims to ‘weightlessly nourish’ dry and brittle hair, smoothing the feel of it without weighing it down. Perfect, I thought. What more could a girl with thin-medium thickness hair and dry and damaged ends want?

The shampoo and conditioner are both enriched with virgin olive oil and safflower seed oil, which I thought made a nice change to argan or coconut oil which have dominated the haircare market for a good few years now.

The shampoo itself is a nice consistency, it lathers really well and you can tell that it has rich oils infused in there. The conditioner is kind of what I expected, as with all of the other Ultimate Blends range – rather watery in consistency and when spread to the ends of your hair, it feels like it runs off your hair very easily, and doesn’t cling to or absorb into the hair very well.

The smell of both the shampoo and conditioner is really pleasant – it’s not very strong or floral, but it smells very clean and comforting – almost like Johnson’s baby oil, but a bit fresher. I actually really loved the smell of it and kept smelling my hair afterwards!

It claims that the results of using the shampoo is that the hair looks healthy, easy to detangle and is soft to the touch. I would say most of this is right. Like with a lot of the Ultimate Blends, it has a nice effect and my hair felt very clean and weightless afterwards. I did feel that the touch wasn’t as soft as I would have liked, and my hair wasn’t that easy to detangle, as I still had to put a bit of conditioning spray on.

The ends of my hair still felt quite brittle, too. Maybe after longer use this might improve, or perhaps my hair is just way beyond repair now that nothing can save it!

I think overall it is a really nice, easy and weightless shampoo and conditioner and has a really lovely finish. However, I don’t think it is for brittle hair – I think the conditioner would need to be a lot thicker for this to help dry and damaged ends, as I really didn’t see any difference at all afterwards in that sense.

That said, as a normal shampoo and conditioner it does feel weightless and nourishing to hair that isn’t over-dry or damaged. It smells good, feels nice to touch and doesn’t weigh your hair down at all. I definitely prefer the shampoo over the conditioner and I think for my hair, I will still use the shampoo and a thicker conditioner for my ends.

Let me know what you think of this shampoo and conditioner if you liked it. I’m interested to know what your favourite ‘blend’ is of these hair products too, as I still can’t get over the chocolatey smell of the Sleek Restorer!



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