I was very much looking forward to my first monthly favourites post, as I can rave about what I have been loving this month, whether I have loved it for a few years or I have only come across it this month. This is mainly beauty favourites, with a bit of home ware and fashion thrown in here and there.

I have put links to the products in the titles so you can try out for yourself. These links are not affiliate links and none of these products are sponsored – I have bought them myself and have picked the ones I genuinely love.




1. Bourjois City Radiance Foundation

This is one of my new favourite foundations at the moment, taking over from the Bourjois Healthy Mix serum. It offers nice and light coverage, feels great on the skin, and also has a higher SPF (30) and a ‘anti-pollution’ screen. I would say has better staying power than a lot of Bourjois foundations, too. Definitely a new every day winner!

See my full review here.

2. Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer

Another Bourjois fave and possibly one of my favourite concealers EVER. Similar to NARS Creamy Concealer but less cakey, this brightening concealer is one of the best to covering under-eye dark circles making anyone look more awake and alive in the morning!

See my full review and the concealer in action here.

3. Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof Mascara

By far my all-time favourite mascara that has literally changed my life. It would be so wrong not to include this in my first ever favourites. I have been using this on my eyes and nothing else since last summer. I have straight eyelashes and this mascara is the only one that makes them look normal. In fact, when I wear this people often ask me if I’m wearing fake eyelashes. Saying that to someone who has been forever with straight and light eyelashes means a lot, trust me.

4. Benefit Eye Bright

I don’t know how long this has been out for of if it is a new product, however I do know that I really like it. I like to use it in my waterline to make my eyes look more wide open and dewy, or just on my brow bone to make my eyebrows look a little more defined at the bottom.

5. Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara

I was sceptical of bottom lash mascara at first as I thought it would just be the same as normal mascara. However, I was wrong. This is BRILLIANT and makes my eyes look so much prettier as my bottom lashes look so much fuller and more defined with this mascara.

See my full review of this here if you would like to see the difference.



  1. Garnier Moisture Bomb Gel Night Cream

I wasn’t sure I liked this at first as a night cream, however I have found that it is really, really nice as a serum under a night cream. I use it before putting on my usual night cream or night oil and find my skin feels a little more hydrated and smooth in the morning. And at £7.99 for a good night serum? Can’t really go wrong!

Have a look at my review for this here. 

2. Vichy Aqualia Thermal Serum

I put this on before putting on moisturiser in the morning, after cleansing. It has really helped to get rid of dry patches on my face during the day, which is usually very regular for me in the winter, so I am really impressed with this product and have been using it every day ever since.

3. Korres Wild Rose Sleeping Facial

This is my favourite night cream at the moment, worn over the top of the Garnier Moisture Bomb. It brightens and tightens my face for the morning leaving me ready and radiant for the day.

4. Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

I’ve heard everyone rave about this, some people claiming it has done wonders for their skin, others claiming that it was completely overpriced and overrated.

I really like it. I think it makes my skin really smooth and baby-like. I tend to use it as a primer as it makes any foundation sit smoothly on my skin, as well as hydrating it throughout the day. I’m not sure about any long term effects, but my skin does feel great after I use it.


1Redken Glow Dry Diamond Oil

Very weirdly, I bought this after reading it was Paris Hilton’s favourite hair product in London’s Stylist Magazine. Although perhaps she isn’t much of a beauty icon for me, I did think that like me, she had bleached her hair a lot over the years and yet she still seemed to have such shiny, glossy and healthy looking hair.

I don’t tend to use it on the roots of my hair, as I find it weighs my hair down and looks a little bit greasy, but used about mid-way down and especially on the roots, it makes hair look completely healthy and sparkly… very Paris, indeed.

2. Philip Kingsley Daily Defence Spray

I love this as an every day spray before drying my hair after washing it. It smells amazing and gives a bit of shine, de-tangles, as well as protecting your hair from styling or whatever you may run into throughout the day.

The link I have put in is to the 250ml one which is £22, however I just have the 60ml (£9 I think?) and it has lasted me quite a while. You only need a few spritzs so this should last a at least a couple of months without having to splash the cash!



  1. Big Spoon & Little Spoon pillowcases from The Old English Company


I can’t show you what these actually look like on my bed, as I gave them to my boyfriend as one of his Valentine’s presents and he has taken them for his bed as we don’t currently live together.

I love these so much and remember seeing them on the ‘Not on the High Street’ advert and then in one of Zoella’s videos where she also had them in the background. They’re great because they can sit on top of any duvet cover really as they’re so simple and won’t clash, but they also liven up an otherwise plain bedding set.

Plus if you like being really smushy then these are great – as you can see they are super cheesy!

2. Elephant Bowl from Tiger

I love elephants and look how amazing this bowl is! It’s from Tiger which is a Danish store (I think) and I don’t think you can buy things online from there currently. At the moment, I’m using it for random beauty bits and bobs on my dressing table, but I’m hoping this may feature as a future fruit bowl once I have managed to move out!

3. Elephant Plate from H&M Home

Again with the elephant theme, I thought this was really sweet. I don’t know what I will really use it as, right now it’s just to throw some jewellery on there if I can’t be bothered to put it in my jewellery box. I think it was only £5. I only bought it recently but can’t find it online any more, so it must have sold out. However I know that the London stores in H&M still stock it as I saw it recently in Oxford Street!

4. je t’aime Cushion cover from H&M Home 

Again, this is very cheesy and I’m appearing a lot more romantic than I actually am, but I think this is really nice as well. I think it was a part of H&M’s Christmas homeware range. It’s currently on sale at £5 from H&M online at the moment, so quickly grab it before it runs out!

5. ‘E’ Candle from M&S

Because it has an E on it, is scented like grapefruit and it looks almost like a Diptyque candle. Kind of. Not quite. But you get the idea.

So that’s the end of my February favourites! I hope you enjoyed these – I’ve already started to pick some products for March! Please let me know what you’ve been enjoying this month or year, even, as I’d be very interested in seeing!

Thanks again for reading!




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