REVIEW: Olay 2 in 1 Hydration & Flawless Blur


This Olay Anti-Wrinkle Instant Hydration & Flawless Blur moisturiser was launched as a limited edition a while back but is now part of Olay’s permanent range. I thought I was great at first, however I had one slight problem with it so read for more!

Basically, once applied, this moisturiser sinks right into my skin and leaves it looking matte and silky. I used it after already moisturising my face and as my skin is quite dry in winter, I thought this would work well as a primer with it. I do admit it looks great under make-up and has quite a good blurring effect. It didn’t minimise my pores particularly though, which is what I would have liked!

I was surprised to find that the formula and the matte finish, so I would assume that this would be a good moisturiser for people with oily skin. For drier skin, this moisturiser has primer-like qualities, but doesn’t feel drying. So if you want a primer that doesn’t feel like it’s sucking the moisture out of your skin, this product is for you.

This moisturiser smells lovely as well, quite clean and fresh as always with Olay.

HOWEVER, one thing I didn’t like is that it doesn’t contain SPF. Fine if you’re using it with a moisturiser, like me, but not if you use it on your own.

This isn’t the worst thing though, when I used it with moisturiser it broke me out! I was really disappointed as I thought this would have been a winner. I was so surprised as, not blowing my own trumpet but, I don’t really get spots. So for a product to make me break out, it must have something bad in it. It was strange, as the finish seemed the opposite of oily, but my skin felt awful after using it.

Overall I feel like the potential is there in this product for some people, but definitely not for me!


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