Vegetarian Lunch: Brie, Avocado & Tomato Toastie

I am starting a series of recipes and food ideas for vegetarian dishes. Some of these have been done a thousand times before, or is something I have come up with myself. Either way, I thought I would like to share how I eat healthily or indulge on a varied vegetarian diet!

Here is my absolute favourite lunch at the moment. I gave up dairy for a while, however I am finding myself gradually getting back onto cheeses such as brie and mozzarella. I tend to avoid dairy if I can still, but this is such a luxurious and delicious treat and something I just crave all the time and allow myself to have on those days I need a bit of cheering up or comfort food!

This is great as a toastie/sandwich, but if you’re watching your weight or trying to cut down a little bit, just make it an open sandwich by using 1 slice of bread instead of two, and use slightly less brie by cutting it slightly thinner.

Keep reading for how I make this!


1 or 2 slices of multi-seed farmhouse loaf

Half a medium slice avocado, sliced

40g Brie, thinly sliced

4 or 5 cherry tomatoes, thinly sliced

Pinch of dried basil, or 2 small fresh basil leaves


  1. Lightly toast the bottom slice of bread
  2. Prepare the ingredients as stated, placing the avocados on the bottom, then the brie, then the cherry tomatoes. If you are using fresh basil leaves, put these under the brie.
  3. Put the toastie under the grill on a medium heat for about 10 minutes. Obviously this depends on how crispy you like it! If you have a sandwich or panini maker, or George Foreman type machine, this would probably take less time.
  4. Take the toastie out and enjoy!



NB: I like to serve this with either home made onion rings or hand cut chunky chips! Serve with a salad for a more healthy option.



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