REVIEW: Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer


I might be a bit late on the bandwagon here but I know this product has been catching a lot of peoples’ eyes at the moment and as a concealer-fiend/living zombie, I knew I had to at least give this ago considering what wonderful things people are saying about this product!

First of all, the packaging is great, as always from Urban Decay, it looks sophisticated in a glass bottle yet cool at the same time with UD’s signature font emblazoned on.

I was unsure about colouring due to not ever being colour matched to any of these products before – plus the sales assistant at Debenhams Hemel Hempstead was not very helpful at all! – so I decided to choose warm light. Luckily this colour matched me well although now we are entering summer I imagine this will be a bit too light, however I noticed the colour range was quite good as there was an option for light-medium as well.



The concealer felt quite thick going on at first, which was strange as it claims to be weightless! I’ve actually never felt a concealer so heavy under my eyes before, but I don’t know if you can tell in the photo that perhaps I just slathered it on too much. I usually do this with my concealer though, but I’m not used to having one as thick as this so maybe I need to just dab it around my eyes next time!



I blended it in using my Zoeva Concealer Brush and it blended out quite well which was good. So well, in fact, that you could noticeably see massive white circles around my eyes! This could be down to me picking a too light colour or also that I put too much of the product on (most likely) and therefore it was clinging to my skin like a ultra-heavy foundation.


But do you know what? I’d heard such great things about this, so I was really surprised at the awful effect this had under my eyes. I was honestly shocked at how cakey this product looked, how much dried out my skin and accentuated the lines under my eyes (can you tell in the photo?!). I did put a lot of the product on, but was not expecting this effect at all – especially as it had such good reviews and I am so enthusiastic about concealer (sad, I know).

I kept the product on for most of the day to test the staying power, and I must mention that didn’t add any powder as my eyes looked dry enough. In the evening I came back and the product hadn’t budged, which is a great feature and something rare in concealers, so I will take my hat off to that.

However, overall I was really disappointed with how this looked on my skin. I must admit I put a lot on and my skin has dried out as I have been skiing the past week and forgot to take any make up or skincare with me so this may have factored into my disappointment at how this product looked on me.

What did anyone else make of this product – any of the same issues? I would be grateful for any tips on how to make the most out of this if I have been using it wrong!

Much love!


5 thoughts on “REVIEW: Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer

  1. I thought this was supposed to be good after reading some reviews on it! I guess those people were probably endorsed or paid to review it. As you sad you bought it I’m guessing you didn’t!! Looking forward to your update and love your blog as always!!



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