My morning skincare routine!


I have done a previous post on my evening skin care routine, but my morning one is just as important! This routine varies throughout the year, but as it is coming into spring/summer here in the UK, I thought I would tailor it to what I prefer using in the summer.


1. Moisturise (body)

As the summer is coming up, I have added this step to my morning skincare routine. I use Doves summer revived moisturiser which has a hint of tan in that builds up gradually. I have been using this for years now every summer, as the colour is the closest to a natural tan that I’ve seen amongst similar products. As I’m getting older, I’m becoming more aware of sun damage and unwanted wrinkles, and using this is a safe and easy way that I still look sun kissed in the summer but protecting my skin at the same time!

2. Cleanse

Cleaning off any excess dirt or any residue left from night creams or oils on my face, I like to use a Micellar water rather than a cleansing gel as I find it a little bit more refreshing in the morning. I sometimes use Simple Micellar wipes, however at the moment I am loving B. Micellar water which is from Superdrug, is quite cheap (£5 I think) and the whole range isn’t tested on animals.

3. Tone

I use a toner straight after my cleanser as it helps to minimise any pores and refreshes your skin and cools down any redness you may have from cleansing. This Liz Earle one is great as its all natural and smells really clean, fresh and doesn’t dry your skin out! It’s also very handy as it comes in a spritzer bottle meaning you don’t have to use a cloth or your hands.

4. Serum

I never used to use a serum and just jump straight into moisturiser, however the past year I have noticed how much of an effect using one has had on my skin. As I am only 23, I’m not too fussed yet about any anti-ageing effects, however especially in the winter I do suffer from dull and dry skin, and have found that by adding serum to my skincare routine my skin has been noticeably brighter and less dry. The one I love at the moment is definitely the Vichy Aqualia Thermal Serum as its specially formulated for dry skin and pumps water into it too, rather than just oil like a lot of serums. I have found that using this helps to keep dry patches at bay.

4. Eye Cream

I haven’t included what I use in the photo as I haven’t yet found an eye cream that I love just yet – so I didn’t really want to recommend one on this post! I’m currently looking for one that doesn’t irritate my skin under my eyes and also moisturises that area well without being heavy, so please let me know if you can recommend one for me!

In hypothetical terms then, this would be where I would apply some eye cream!

5. Moisturise (face)

The next and most vital step in the morning is to moisturise. I literally cannot leave the house without moisturising – even if I have no make up I must moisturise!

The moisturiser that is best to use completely depends on your skin type. In the winter, I go for a rich moisturiser specifically aimed at dry skin and prefer the ones with a plumping effect, like Soap and Glorys ‘Speed Plump’. This time of year when the weather starts to change, I really like the Olay Daily Sunshine moisturiser, which is very moisturising and like the Dove cream, this has a more subtle gradual tan in it, plus SPF 20 – which means I can look like I’ve been out in the sun but without the damage that comes with it. For oilier skin or in the summer where my skin might get a little sweatier, I like the Clinique Dramatically Different moisturising gel. This is oil free and moisturises your skin without over doing it.

6. Primer/beauty balm

In the summer, I try and avoid foundation so this step is essential. I like to use something like Clarin’s Beauty Flash Balm which makes my skin plump and tight. It gives my skin a healthy feel and look to it meaning that a foundation is not an essential. Even when I do wear make up, the Beauty Flash Balm is a really good base for my make up. A drug store alternative is Soap and Glory’s Beauty Balm which smells lovely and has a similar effect for half the price. The Clarin’s product has a noticeable long term effect on my skin as well – I have found my skin tone is much more even and my dead-looking skin is becoming less so.

Hope you liked this post. Please let me know what you think and share your ideas/posts with me! I always love to hear what everyone else is up to and see if I can steal any ideas for my own skincare routine!

Also if you’re interested, you can have a read of my night/evening skincare routine here.


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