REVIEW: Rimmel Radiance BB Cream

I came across this product in Heathrow airport after leaving all my makeup in the car before I went on holiday this week! I knew I had more than enough foundations to last me a lifetime, so I thought I’d try a BB cream. I’d never seen this one before, so I’m uncertain of how new this is however it’s new to me so I thought I would review it!

As I also forgot my moisturiser and all other liquid items, I had to use my boyfriend’s moisturiser which I think gave quite a rubbish base for this and may or may not have affected how I viewed this product, but I’ll do my best to let you know what I thought about it.

Firstly, so, what does it say on the bottle? The Rimmel BB Cream Radiance promises to prime, smooth, conceal, moisturise, minimise pores and brighten the skin. Sounds right up my street – but does it live up to these claims?

Before & After


I firstly decided to apply this BB cream using my hands. However, you know when it just doesn’t absorb and you get the dreaded unwanted exfoliation on your skin. I don’t know whether it was the BB cream coming off or if the moisturiser was particularly bad. Either way, it was terrible!

When I next applied it, I did so with my Zoeva Silk Finish foundation brush and it did seem a lot better. It spread quite well and blended evenly. The coverage isn’t great, but I didn’t expect that from a BB cream. This was fine on most of my skin but some concealer was seriously needed on top of this for under eye bags and any skin discolouration, so the concealing part wasn’t the greatest. My pores were fairly disguised, but not hugely.

Regarding the colour, I got this in the shade light as I am quite (very) pale at the moment so I thought it would be fine, but actually it was a bit too light for me and also a little on the pink side. This was annoying for me as I have definite yellow undertones to my skin, but for people with more of a cool skin tone, this might be a nice colour match.

In terms of radiance, there was a subtle glow to it which was nice. There’s nothing glittery about the BB cream so it’s good that it still looks glowy without looking like your face has been dipped in glitter. So in this sense, it definitely lives up to what it says on the bottle.

The packaging, as always with Rimmel, isn’t the most stylish but it’s quite small and in a plastic tube making it easy to fit in your make up bag which made it really handy to take on a plane.

Overall, the product was alright and nothing particularly bad about it, however it was really nothing special and nothing made me think I need to use this product again. That said, it’s low maintenance and simple, not to mention cheap, so if that’s something you are after then you should have a look at this!


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