REVIEW: Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look In A Palette


Introducing 7 of Charlotte Tilbury’s makeup secrets to give you a natural-looking You-but-Better look in just one palette… I am so excited to be reviewing this as it is right up my street!

It claims to create a look that suits every woman whilst enhancing the colours that nature has naturally blessed you with. It also claims to provide day to evening makeup – and all in just 5 minutes! Amazing! As someone who values a couple more minutes in bed over makeup, then spends the rest of the day wishing I’d put a bit more effort into my look, I am pretty confident that this product will be an absolute lifesaver.

The packaging, as always from Charlotte, is really sleek and stylish with the staple deep burgundy and rose gold. The palette is small enough to fit in your handbag, yet large enough to boast a good amount of each project and a glorious and very handy large mirror inside, too. It touts 3 eyeshadows, bronzer and highlight (from her Filmstar Bronze & Glow) and a swish and pop blush duo.


It aims so create a really natural look in just 5 minutes, defining your features without making you look overdone (hear, hear!) with colours to suit all skin tones. It also brightens your features and adds a warm healthy glow to the skin – perfect for those rushed mornings before work, a bit of extra colour during the weekend or an essential beauty kit to take on holiday with you. Oh, and did you know this was actually the look that Ms Tilbury used on Kate Moss on her wedding day? Oh yeah!

So are the products actually any good? Did the colours suit my skin tone, make me look healthier and more glowy, without over doing it? And most importantly, could I pull the look off in under 5 minutes?

The answer is: yes, yes and yes! I LOVE this palette!


First of all, please excuse my face and my eyebrows in these photos. I haven’t been sleeping well recently and my face is very puffy and I am really tired! Plus I don’t think I could see my eyebrows very well through my tired eyes and they are a very odd shape. (I will update with better photo at some point…)

ANYWAY, hopefully what you can see from the photos is that my face does look warmer and healthier with this palette. Although I would say I am quite rehearsed in applying makeup, I still think this palette pretty much does the hard work for you as it is almost a paint-by-numbers palette in that it literally tells you exactly what to use and in what order.

The formulations, as expected with Charlotte Tilbury, were highly pigmented, creamy and definitely high-end formulas. The colours were great and I could see why they suit any skin tone. I have heard that they’re bringing out a separate version for darker skin tones. To be honest I thought the blush colours would be a bit bright for me, but I really liked the effect it had on my skin, especially using two tones of blusher which is completely innovative to me.

It also made using eyeshadow enjoyable and easy for me, which is amazing as this is something I tend to avoid. But, lo and behold, I didn’t mind using the eyeshadow on this as it gave me an understated yet (in my opinion) flattering and subtle smokey eye that I wouldn’t be adverse to wearing on an every day basis.

Overall, I am really pleased with this product and would definitely recommend it to those who need a subtle glowy and girly look but don’t have the time or patience to do it! I would even recommend it to those who do, as what more could you ask for with some of Charlotte Tilbury’s best products in one gorgeous palette.

This is out from 18th April on or the 25th April elsewhere. It retails at £49 (bargain for what you get!) and is sure to be a sell out!

PS. Read my new review on the latest version of this palette – Beauty Glow – here!


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