REVIEW: Minus 417 Catharsis Vitamin & Mineral Shampoo


I received samples of these in March’s Glossy Box and thought they looked really luxurious and glamorous. In really chic gold and silver bottles and with a fancy name and description, obviously I was more than excited to try these out, whilst also waiting for a good time to use them as I thought they seemed rather special.

They claim to be a vitamin mineral shampoo that supplies the perfect balance, deep cleansing and balanced moisturiser and shine for the hair. Based on natural active ingredients: balancing minerals from the Dead Sea and energising vitamins as well as unique plant extracts. Oooh, fancy… The end result is supposedly soft hair that is healthy, shiny and glowing. Is it true? Read on to find out!

The first thing I have to mention about the shampoo is that it was incredibly hard to lather. Now, I was in Oxford for the weekend where they have very hard water, which might have affected this, however I ended up using almost the whole tube just to cover my hair. That said, once it did lather, it felt nice enough and smelt quite good as well.

The conditioner, I am very sad to say, was terrible. Now I like my conditioners to be thick and luscious, so I can really feel that is sticking to my hair and becoming completely absorbed and my hair is being nourished to the max. This conditioner could have been shampoo except it didn’t even lather or stick to my hair at all. It even ran through my fingers, it was so watery – let alone did anything for my hair!

With a heavy heart, I stuck through it all and decided to give it the benefit of the doubt – that the consistency was me just being a conditioner snob and why did I have all these preconceptions, bla bla bla. But seriously, my hair afterwards was nothing like I had ever seen. Even my boyfriend said “I didn’t know your hair got like that…” (with a very concerned look on this face). Now, if you’re boyfriend notices you’ve done something different with your hair, alarm bells should ring. Here is a photo of my hair after using this product:

WARNING!!! – disgusted face and terrible hair!

My hair is usually flat-ish and very straight. My hair after using these products was like a frizzy, straw like afro. And yet still greasy and rubbish. I had to run into town (where I took this photo!) to get some emergency hair oil and tangle teaser, and even that didn’t do the job. I’m not that bothered about my hair usually, and I wasn’t going out anywhere special over the weekend, but I felt really self-conscious after using this and thought I looked really crap!

So, safe to say I definitely won’t be using this product again. I don’t know if it’s worked for other people – in fact, I did look on the Glossy Box website and people were saying similar things, but maybe not as dramatic – but it definitely did not work for me! Sorry -417!


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