REVIEW: Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream


I know I did a review of the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Night cream (which I’m still unsure about) and mentioned that I was a big fan of the original Magic Cream, so I since I recently bought a new pot I thought I would write a full review on this product and let you know what I think!

This cream gets a lot of hype, and I think its really Charlotte’s staple product. Apparently, the story of the cream is that Charlotte made it herself and used it backstage on the models, and they all loved it so much that it came to be known as ‘Charlotte’s Magic Cream’. Is this true? I’m not sure but what a great marketing tool – you can completely imagine Kate Moss nattering over a cup of tea and a fag with someone ‘Oh my God, so HAVE you heard about this magic cream…’ Maybe.

The types of skin it is aimed for is apparently EVERYONE. I found it a little far fetched reading that ‘You may have an oily T-zone, but all skin types benefit from a rich, oily cream’… I would like to disagree. The richness of this cream is fantastic, but I say this being someone who has normal/dry skin and definitely think that this would be WAY too heavy for oily skin types – even in winter.

The packaging of the cream is typical Charlotte Tilbury… art deco rose gold chic chic chic! I love the look of this on my dressing table – who cares about the cream?! On a serious note, yes it looks absolutely lovely and very expensive, however I have heard that being in a jar means that a lot of the goodness in a cream can escape over time.

The texture of the cream is obviously very rich and thick, which is great as you feel like you’re getting a lot of use out of the product. I only ever use about a pea size amount when my skin is very dry, and this is more than enough to revitalise my skin when it needs it the most. The smell of the cream isn’t the best, I’m not going to lie, it’s quite a clinical, rose smell that you might associate with an old lady’s hand cream.

BUT none of this matters because my skin is so much nicer after I use this. It picks my skin up from off the floor when all it wants to do is go back to bed. It pumps my skin full of the moisture it deserves and makes me look like I have got sleep and no I haven’t binged watched Geordie Shore all night drinking nothing but diet coke.

It sits nicely under makeup, creating a really supple and smooth base to work your magic on (see what I did there). BUT, you have to make sure that your skin is completely clean before applying the cream – I like to use micellar water and then a toner before using this – otherwise it can build up residue on your face as it is so thick that it takes a while to absorb. Unlike the Magic Night Cream, it doesn’t feel as tacky after it is absorbed, despite the thickness.

In terms of long-term effects, I can’t really say I can see much thus far. Obviously, on 23 year old skin I don’t think there is much point in analysing any line-reducing features, but this does keep your skin very hydrated throughout the day – which is definitely key to preventing and reducing lines.

Overall, for someone with normal/dry skin that needs a bit of sprucing up and an injection of life back into it, this cream is definitely worth buying. Even as a mask that could be used once a week after a heavy weekend, just to make you look alive, I think this is definitely worth getting!

PS. Just a little disappointed side note (but doesn’t affect the product, rather the customer service), although Charlotte Tilbury’s services are easy, quick and perfectly presented, I haven’t received ANY samples with ANY of my orders recently, despite requesting them which I found really frustrating.

PPS. If you would like to read my review of Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Night Cream, then please click here.



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