REVIEW: Too Faced’s ‘Better Than Sex’ Mascara WATERPROOF

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So my first make up review after quite a long hiatus had to be my favourite make up item: mascara!

I know that Too Faced’s ‘Better than Sex’ mascara has been out for a long time and lots of people have raved about it in the past, but I have always refrained from buying it because as you know, I always stick to waterproof mascaras due to having straight eyelashes! So, could you believe my luck when this month’s Glossybox contained a sample of this in the waterproof edition?! I was so excited to try it out and I must say I am really pleasantly surprised.

First of all can I just mention that I really like packaging of this product. It is metal so feels heavy and expensive, I love the colour and there is a 3D effect of ‘water droplets’ all over the tube for the waterproof edition. I know that doesn’t affect how the mascara works but the little kid inside of me thought it was really cool!

I was surprised when I saw the brush as I had heard this was a good comparison to Benefit’s ‘They’re Real’ mascara which has an even, straight and plastic brush. This is soft, bristly and dipped in the middle. Generally, I prefer to have a plastic brush as I feel it creates more definition and is less dry, but I actually found this brush easy to use and gave much more of a natural effect.

The consistency of the mascara, as with most waterproofs, is a little on the dry side. I found this a bit strange as I read some of the reviews online which said it is a very wet and runny product – but I found the opposite! It is fine for me anyway, as I believe it creates a more natural look and allows you to build on it, if need be. That said, I did spend more time building layers up to show off a fuller lash effect on my eyelashes to get the look I usually go for.

This is the difference here (excuse my terrible eyebrows):

… and what a difference! I used a Mac eyelash curler beforehand which obviously helps, but this mascara held my eyelashes stay high curls all day long, which I was really impressed with. Usually my eyelashes tend to dip a little by the end of the day, but not with this mascara.

It also stayed on all day and into the next day (woops) despite it being about 34C in London at the moment and very humid. I expected it to smudge and eventually fade, but it kept the ‘I’ve just put this on’ look all day long which I was really happy with. I actually got a lot of compliments that day about my make up, even though the only difference to my routine was using this mascara!

Obviously because it is so durable on your lashes, this does mean it is a bitch to take off but that is the case with most good waterproof mascaras. Just make sure you invest in a good waterproof make up remover or cleansing oil (I recommend the Clinique one) and it comes off fine!

All in all I am really impressed with this mascara and when the sample runs out I will certainly be purchasing a full sized one!

I might do a post soon on the best products for straight eyelashes or my daily routine on how I keep my straight eyelashes looking super curly. If you’d like to see this please let me know!

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