Review: Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow

I know I am very late to the hype on Charlotte Tilbury’s signature WonderGlow however recently during the dark and dreary British post-Christmas winter and I’m dreaming of a tan and being in Barbados,  I’ve been noticing that my skin is looking rather pale and sallow. So, I thought I would try something to pick my skin up and feel better again! This had rave reviews when it came out about a year and a half ago, so I thought I would see what difference it made to me.

As always, the rose gold packaging of Charlotte Tilbury is lovely. I bought my friend one of the ‘Ingenue’ looks for her birthday at the same time, so everything arrived in a luxury box which was a nice touch. It’s also 40ml (1.4 fl oz) rather than a standard 30ml, which is nice especially as it was nearly £40!

Looking at the formula, I was surprised at how glittery the product looked. I do also own the Rosie for Autograph Amazing Radiance Cream, which is supposed to be a dupe of this, but this is definitely much more in your face. It has a sort of tanned tint as well, which makes me wonder if my face will look warmer or whether it might look odd on someone with really pale skin.

I used my hands to buff the product in as I believe that is what you are meant to do. It went on fine without using loads of the product. I don’t believe it smelt much – not that I noticed! I had no make up on my face and had only used my Keihl’s Ultra Face Cream.

This is what it came out like (excuse the background, pyjamas and very tired eyes!)





Looking at the difference in the pictures, there isn’t really anything noticeable. I think my skin looks slightly smoother, but not hugely. So I was very disappointed looking at those.

BUT once I had put the rest of my make up on over top of it, I did notice that my skin looked very dewy and healthy. My makeup also stayed on all day and I didn’t use powder, which is a first. So although I didn’t get the complete WOW factor I was expecting, my skin did look healthier and my makeup lasted, which is what you want in a primer!

This is what it looked like under my makeup:


I am also wearing Charlotte Tilbury’s Light Wonder foundation in Medium 5 and no, I am not wearing any highlighter! You can see my skin does look quite glowy even though my make up is almost exactly the same as usual.

Overall I do think it is a really nice product and I will continue to use it, however it is not my favourite thing I have bought from Charlotte Tilbury and my expectations had been quite high – especially for the price!

I hope you found this review helpful, please let me know what you thought of the product if you have tried it,or have an even better alternative you would recommend or would like me to review!


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