Top tips for long, curled lashes!

I have straight eyelashes. ūüė¶

I’ve heard this is usually quite a common problem for Asian girls, however I suffer with this problem, too. So much so that my eyelashes literally face downwards! It’s so sad, after seeing all of my friends with these luscious curly pretty eyelashes, even without make up, where as I look like I just don’t have any eyelashes at all!

Anyway, this insecurity has led me to obsessively find the cure for this. It has taken me an estimated ten years to find a solution, and now people literally ask me if I’m wearing false lashes. Did I get a eyelash perm? No. Do I wear false lashes? Nope.

Here are my tips on how to get the best out of your straight eyelashes (or curly if you just want a more dramatic effect)…


  1. Curl your eyelashes

This is a bit of an obvious one, but an essential. You don’t have to mess around with heated curlers or all of these weird electric inventions that claim to do wonders on your eyelashes (and probably tear them out at the same time) – just invest in a good pair that work for you.

Personally, I use the Shu Uemura ones as I have found these have the best curl and hold out of other ones I have used in the past. I know that these are a favourite of makeup artists and beauty bloggers across the globe as well, because they actually do the job.

I believe that they retail for about ¬£20, but I usually buy mine from Amazon where they range between ¬£12-¬£15. This might sound pricey if you’re used to buying drugstore or high street products, however they are¬†completely¬†worth the money.

If you absolutely cannot find the Shu Uemura ones, the only other one I have found almost as effective the one from Mac.

2. Curl them again

If you curl them near your eyelid at the beginning, go again half way through to give that fluttery and feathery effect. It looks pretty forced it they just go straight up or in a 90 degree angle from curling them in one place. Curling them from the eyelid (hold for about 15 seconds) and then again in the middle of the eyelashes (maybe 5-10 seconds), it looks much more natural and curly.

3. Use liquid eyeliner

Using liquid eyeliner can be a lifesaver if your lashes aren’t your best feature. Concentrating on the outer corners of your eyes, you can accentuate or mimic a curl by doing a cat eye. My sister, although she doesn’t have the same problem as me, actually wears liquid eyeliner without wearing any mascara. This sounds weird, but done properly, it works.

4. Make the most out of your bottom lashes

Despite my awkward straight lashes, I have been blessed on the other end with my bottom lashes, as these are long and full. By putting a lot of effort in these, this gives the illusion of having fabulous and full lashes, especially when paired with the eyeliner.

5. Invest in a good, waterproof mascara

This is something that is also obvious, but also something that I only realised recently. Waterproof mascara provides a much better hold to keep the curl in place. It does have downsides as it becomes clumpy and dry a lot quicker as it is less fluid on the lashes. However, since doing this I would never ever ever wear a non-waterproof mascara because it just does not work.

Click here for my post of my top 5 mascaras for straight eyelashes that I have found so far, and I would 100% welcome any more suggestions for me to try it out!

Let me know your tips for having great lashes if you’ve been cursed with the straight lash gene. Of course if I find anything else as I go along I will be adding to this as I go along.


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