REVIEW: Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask


Another Charlotte Tilbury product – I know, I’m completely obsessed. However, when looking for a new face mask on that I can relax with in the bath (I’m so over tissue masks right now), doing a bit of research and this one came out tops. As with Charlotte’s marketing in general, all the claims are a little OTT but I must admit, very convincing and irresistible.

Read on for more info!

Charlotte describes the mask as being made with Spanish clay, which is different to normal clay – apparently. The claim is that it is nourishing and hydrating, which is definitely the opposite to what I think of when I think about clay masks (hello? Dry and cracking but great for blackheads?)

It also has all her skin nourishing products that pretty much all the rest do like the BioNymph Peptide Complex (patented, dontcha know) which boosts collagen production and gives it that plump feeling. It also has frangipani and rosehip oil to hydrate and soften the skin. The overall result? Smooth ‘baby skin’.

The packaging is gorgeous, as always. Great that it is in a tube rather than a jar – a common mistake in a lot of CT’s skin care. It costs £45 for 150ml, which although seems rather expensive I actually think it’s quite good value for money, owing to the fact that you are encouraged in the application guidance to use a small amount for a thin layer of the product.

The mask itself applies really nicely. It almost feels like just a thick moisturiser, although without being absorbed, as it feels very pleasant on the face. I left this on for just over ten minutes whilst I was in the bath and didn’t feel it dry too much or go cracky at any point like I would have expected from any normal clay mask.

Afterwards my skin felt really, really soft. Not like straight after moisturiser, but maybe after a toner and serum. My pores really did look smaller and my complexion just looked fresher and plumper – possibly more even as well! I was so impressed that it made such a visible difference after just one use in literally just 10 minutes. Perfect for a hangover, I found myself automatically thinking.

Its also great for my current skin crisis of being both dry and oily. I am suffering at the moment with a severe case of combination skin – oily T-zone with dry cheeks and I found this to be a perfect balance to combat both issues. I’d definitely recommend it to those with combination skin, or just any skin type in general to use. Personally I would use this maybe twice a week, maybe more if you have problematic skin.

Overall I think this product is genuinely really good and completely worth the money. I reviewed this by using a sample but I will certainly be purchasing the full size bottle on my next pay day!

Please let me know what you think if you’ve tried this product, and as always if there’s anything you’d like my thoughts on, don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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