Review: Charlotte Tilbury’s Dry Sheet Face Mask

Yep… another Charlotte Tilbury product! I happened to walk past the store in Covent Garden recently and could not resist having a gander.

Even if it wasn’t Charlotte Tilbury, this mask definitely peaked my interest as it is a completely dry mask. In my experience, other sheet masks like this are just so uncomfortable, slip off and like the Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask actually have so much wet product it just irritates my skin.

So, how could a dry mask possibly claim to completely contradict itself and provide hydration?! Only one way to find out…

Firstly, it’s important to have a look at what this mask claims to do, alongside hydrating your skin. I didn’t pay £18 to have what could have just been a slap of moisturiser!

Apparently, it has been clinically proven to reduce wrinkles, brighten ad lift your skin alongside hydrating it. Charlotte promises to make all your ‘magic skin wishes’ come true in just this one product.

So how does it actually work whilst feeling literally as dry as an old tissue? The textile fabric has been ‘impregnated’ (yes those words are on Charlotte’s website) with tiny vectors of the same products as the rest of her Magic range including vitamins, floral extracts, peptides, oils and butters which are then delivered into the third layer of the epidermis.

It also has an in-build technological 5 Skin Solution IQ which tailors to your skin, feeding it exactly what it needs (don’t know what that is, but alright I’ll believe you). Usually wet masks consist of mainly glycerin and water, which means the ingredients evaporate off of the skin after about 45 minutes, but the effects of this lasts for 8 hours – great for a night out!

As well as this, because it isn’t a wet formula it doesn’t harbour bacteria, so apparently this means you can use it up to 3 times. Being priced at £18 per mask, £6 then doesn’t seem so bad if it really does what it says.

How to use:

Use on cleansed skin and keep on for 15 minutes, making sure each part of the mask fits into the contours on your face.


The first thing I was really impressed with besides the concept of the mask itself was the fact that it was the first sheet mask I’ve tried that actually fits onto my face. The mask has hooks on the middle and the bottom of the mask to hook around your ears so that the mask stays in place. I think this is such a good point albeit a boring one, but how can you actually get the full benefits of a mask if it just slips off your face for the whole time? It is also quite nice to feel you can move whilst having a mask on.

Also on a side note, the look of the mask is hilarious. I had a great time spooking my family with this – it looks REALLY scary!

As for the results of the mask, I couldn’t feel like any product was on my face during having the mask on but when I felt my skin after 15 minutes, I was so shocked to find my skin completely hydrated. It was smooth and moisturised to touch which is so confusing, because the mask even when taken off was completely dry – and yet my skin looked dewy and refreshed!

There was also no discomfort or irritation whilst wearing this mask. It was comfortable and completely practical and relaxing.

Not only this, I went out for dinner with friends after using this and all of them commented on how great my skin was looking. The result really did give me baby skin and I woke up in the morning without needing moisturiser! So although it claims to last at least 8 hours, I would say mine lasted for about 16 hours!

I haven’t yet used this again as it claims to have 3 uses out of one mask, but if it does the same thing again twice more, then it definitely is worth the money. I honestly winced at the thought of paying £18 for a face mask, but at £6 a pop for such a great effect, I think it’s definitely worth it. You can also buy 4 masks for £60, making it £15 per mask and £5 per use.

If you’re like me and can’t be bothered to go for facials, this is definitely a good alternative and a great way of pampering yourself at home in such a luxurious yet completely comfortable way. It will be interesting to see now if other skincare brands will follow suit with the dry sheet masks and if they can match up to this!

Let me know what you think if you’ve tried these yourself and what you think – or if you think these masks are just completely insane!


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