Review: IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream

This is definitely a ‘YouTube made me buy it!’ kind of product after watching LilyPebbles and The Anna Edit rave about how perfect their skin was after using this. I know it’s not technically a new product, however the brand – which you can currently only buy in the US – is launching in the UK in June. It is also a fairly recent discovery for me so I thought, why not review it?

The first feature of this product that I have to mention is the packaging. I LOVE it. I mean it’s not exactly a Chanel-esque glass bottle that you can display perfectly on your wonderful pristine white dressing table, however it is so practical. It’s in a squeezy tube which means it’s not heavy at all in your makeup bag, apparently being in a tube like this helps to preserve the vital ingredients in the cream (skincare benefits), it’s got a built in, easy to use pump, plus its 50ml rather than the standard 30ml! The packaging is also great as it means you can get the full product out of it i.e. as with glass bottles of foundation, unless you crack it open you can’t scrape the last bits of the product out. With a tube like this, you can squeeze it out just like a moisturiser or toothpaste – or better still, cut the end off to get as much out as possible.

The actual product claims to be a correcting CC Cream that contains an anti-aging serum and a broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 50+ (great for anti-ageing). There are a host of other skin-loving ingredients in here including peptides, niacin, vitamins A, C, B, and E, and tons of other great stuff for your skin. As someone who prefers their makeup routine to take no longer than 5 minutes in the morning, it’s great to get as many benefits into one product as possible!

The first downside I have noticed is the shade range. I know that it’s just a CC cream and they tend to be more limited than your average foundation, but this is still a bit of an issue as there are only 5 shades.

Your Skin But Better CC Cream Shades

Luckily, the shade ‘Light’ matched my winter skin tone very well, but I don’t think I will be able to wear this product in the summer unfortunately, as the medium is quite a bit darker and not as yellow-toned, which is very frustrating.



As for how it looks on the skin, the CC cream is certainly highly pigmented and it’s texture is what I would describe as a creamy gel foundation – quite like the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum. The cream is easily blendable on the skin; and once blended in almost started feeling more like a thin layer of powder rather than a liquid product on my face. The coverage of this cream is medium, but it is supposed to be buildable to full coverage. However, I have to note that if you want to use this as a fuller coverage product, this is where it doesn’t really work.

It’s in the name ‘Your Skin But Better’ and therefore should feel like your skin. It certainly looks like skin I’ll give it that – the finished look is amazingly airbrushed but still natural – however I did find that building it up feels quite thick and claustrophobic on the face – not what you want in a CC cream.
BUT, when using a light layer of this for a medium coverage, it works wonderfully. I cannot tell you that even when I am having a bad skin day, people still comment on my skin when I am wearing this saying that it looks great. I honestly think it looks like you’re not wearing any make up – RESULT! I use Rimmel Stay Matte powder on top of this which I find to be a brilliant combination for really natural looking, but almost perfect skin.

I have read reviews that say it is only good for dry skin. I do see this point as it is a very moisturising foundation with a dewy and glowy finish, however I have combination skin and found it to be perfect for me, as long as I wear powder on top of it. In fact, I would go as far as saying my skin texture has improved a little bit. Whether this is a result of my skincare routine or this foundation, either way something is working!

Overall, I would certainly recommend this product to those with dry/normal/combination skin who want something light to enhance their skin tone and give a nice bit of coverage on those ok-to-good skin days.

Until the launch in the U.K., Brits can buy this from

Let me know what you think/thought of this foundation/CC cream and if you have any recommendations!

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