Review: Maybelline The Falsies Push-Up Angel Mascara Waterproof

As a lover of eye make up and mascara – Maybelline mascara, to be even more precise! – I was excited to try the new Falsies Push-Up Angel mascara in Waterproof. As a fan of the original Falsies Push-Up Drama (only in WP), I was intrigued by the similar formula but with a innovative new ‘angel-wing’ brush, which looked to achieve ‘fluttery winged out lashes that last all day!’

The product claims to have the ‘first angel-wing brush, that combs the formula through the lashes, capturing each lash for the most fluttery look. The curved wing shape of the brush hugs the lash line, lifting lashes from the root for dramatic volume.
Get the wing effect, use the longer brush bristles to flick lashes out to the side for an angelic winged out effect, making lashes look longer’. This sounds like a look that I love, so I was really excited about using this.

However, after trying the mascara I can safely say that this was one of the worst mascaras I had ever used. On first impressions, the brush was small, scratchy and I felt like it barely reached my lashes at all (despite the brush being formulated to do such thing). The formula was so incredibly clumpy that even after one coat all of my lashes were stumpy and stuck together. The lahses looked uneven, undefined and just not what I hoped to achieve at all.

I also found this mascara incredibly difficult to remove. It just clumped together even more than when I put it on and made me look like I had about five individual lashes. It also took out some of my eyelashes when removing it which – as sad as it sounds – made me quite upset! I only put this on one eye to test it out and was reluctant to put it on the other as it was so awful, so now it is noticeable that one of my eyes has less eyelashes than the other!

If I am going to put in a positive here, although I don’t think there is much point given the above, then I would say it did have good holding power as my eyelashes stayed curled for the rest of the day.

Overall, I would certainly advise you NOT to use this mascara. I haven’t tested out the non-WP version as I don’t wear non-WP mascaras as I have straight eyelashes (find out why and how here) but I had a quick look on Superdrug’s website and it seemed to have fairly positive reviews.

Please let me know what you think or if you have used this, or leave a link to a non-WP review in my comments section if you have one!

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