Review: Charlotte Tilbury Bronze and Glow Overnight Mask

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Another product right up my street! It’s that time of the year where I want to look like I’ve been to Ibiza for a month but don’t want to actually expose my face to a lifetime’s worth of sun damage in the process. Delighted to find a high-end product from my favourite make-up range that offers just that in a simple overnight mask! So let’s put it to the test…

Firstly, what does the product actually claim to do? We’re all used the flouncy la-di-da way Charlotte markets her products. This is what her website describes this as:


• This fabulous formula means you’ll always look sun-kissed, supple & sexy!

• Natural tan pigments with 82%* of users agreeing that it gives a flawless finish and 83%* agreeing it gives an even skin tone!

• Nourishing blackcurrant seed oil gives bio-mimetic conditioning to your skin

• Oat kernel extract reduces redness and soothes skin whilst protecting and hydrating

• Ideal for a natural looking tanned complexion”

I do agree with most of these claims, especially that the look is very natural. I woke up the next morning almost wondering if it had any effect at all as there was no blotchiness or orange/yellow tinge to it. Then I used it the next night, and after a couple of attempts I was really starting to look quite glowy and healthy.

My skin also benefited from the product, too. It’s a very nice formula which leaves your skin feeling very supple, but doesn’t go on as heavy as her other night cream and doesn’t feel tacky or greasy the next morning, which I really liked.

The packaging is good. It’s obviously in the very sleek, rose gold, art deco style that has become Charlotte’s signature. I’m glad she has made it in a tube as well, meaning that all the beneficial ingredients do not lose their advantages through air exposure, like the magic cream range which are in jars.

The only problem I have is the price. I know – what do you expect from Charlotte Tilbury – but it does retail at almost £40, which is a bit crazy for a moisturiser. I have used lots of other self-tanning products in the past and honestly don’t think this is miles better, despite looking a little bit more natural.

I also dispute the claims that it gives you a ‘flawless finish’. You definitely need make up on top of it to achieve that!

Overall, yes it is a good product – my skin feels soft, I look like I’ve had a sunny weekend away – however personally I don’t think it is any different (or that much obviously different) to a £10 Olay one from Boots.

Hope you found this useful! Let me know what you think and if you think it’s worth the money.

Edie x

PS. If you want to read my review on the make up set to go with this mask this summer, have a read of my review on Charlotte Tilbury’s Beauty Glow Face Palette here!


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