About Me

Hi, I’m Edie and thank you very much for visiting my blog.

I’m 25 years old but still look about 16. I moved to Clifton in Bristol in August 2017 as I missed it so much after going to university there! I love eating out, going to cosy coffee shops, yoga, volunteering and having drinks with my friends on a summer’s evening.

I am absolutely useless at make up, hair and beauty Рbut I love it. I love exploring different products and techniques on how to apply and use make up. I read tons of reviews before I try anything, so I decided I would write my own and make them as blunt as possible so people know what they are going in for and give them an idea as to what might work for them.

I tend to use more drugstore and high street products but also have a penchant to treat myself to something high end every now and again (hello, Charlotte Tilbury). I hope I can give my honest opinion on any product I try!

I am by no means a fashion or beauty expert, just a make up junkie with an addiction to impulse buying.

If you want to know more or have any questions about anything I review or suggestions, please do send me an email at jesuisedie@gmail.com, or have a look at my contact page for other ways you can get in touch.

Thank you so much again for visiting!




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